Castor sugar beaches….

When people hear the term ‘Manos holidays’, they automatically think of sun washed beaches in locations such as Parga in Greece, along with Turkey and Cyprus, where azure blue waters lap golden, sandy beaches – and beckon holiday makers just like you from across the world.

Manos breaks

Discover about exciting holidays in the Manos region.

The breadth of Manos holidays on offer today cater to a wide range of tastes, although all have certain qualities in common. Fantastic accommodation options are of course in abundance – from palatial five-star hotels to quaint guest houses nestled in the mountainside. And all such venues are set in beautiful interior or coastal locations.

Holidays in Manos summer 2018 and 2019

But while the name Manos is synonymous with a number of popular Mediterranean locales, it is perhaps Greece that the word is most associated with. Despite recent challenges, the country remains at the forefront of Med holidays – delivering superb service and amazingly warm hospitality at all times.

Manos Greek Holidays

Indeed, what happens in Athens seems along way from the tranquil beach spots that still draw hundreds of thousands of people each year – people from across the UK, as well as Europe and other international locations.

Perhaps you will experience some coastal hiking while you’re in Greece. This country has hundreds of miles of dramatic coastline to explore.

Cheap Greek Island Holidays

Or maybe you’ll opt for a little Greek island-hopping. You could join a cruise or even rent a boat yourself and cruise the Med till your heart’s content.

Or you may simply choose to lie back and soak up the sunshine on one of Greece’s many glorious sandy beaches.

Of course, perhaps the best idea is to combine all of these pursuits.

From Stoupa to Zante

And let’s not forget the Greek cuisine. From fresh seafood to pitta bread and hummus, from feta cheese salads to some of the finest meats you’ll fine anywhere. Places like Parga, Zante, Lesvos, Stoupa, Skiathos and Corfu in Greece offer some of the most delightful meals you can imagine.

But what about cost? Greece remains one of the most affordable holiday locations – not only in Europe, but the world.

So why not find out more about a Manos getaway today?